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How Natural Skincare Products Have Changed My Skin, and My Life

I have always had problem skin. Sometimes it is oily, sometimes it is so dry that it flakes. I am prone to blackheads, pimples, and just plain irritated skin. I guess it is more appropriate to say that this was the case. Then I discovered natural skincare.

It is kind of silly to think now of how long I laughed at the idea of organic skin care. It sounded to me like a bunch of tree hugger type stuff. I pictured rubbing on creams that smelled like patchouli or grass that left me smelly and not making much of a difference. To say the absolute least, I was extremely wrong.

Eventually, I got tired of hearing all about organic products, and frankly I was tired of trying products that dried my skin out and caused more breakouts. So I decided to give natural skincare products a try. I decided to use them for one week. That was months ago, and I have not put  https://sotaykhoedep.vn/enzylim/  chemicals on my skin since.

It’s kind of surprising how quickly you feel the difference between products. After first using organic soap and face wash, my skin felt surprisingly refreshed. After only about a day, I noticed that my skin was neither oily nor dry, it was just normal.

One of the best things is that I still see new benefits to these products. I don’t get breakouts anymore, and when I do get a blemish, it never gets large or stays around. I even stopped having those puffy bags around my eyes that have been there for years now. I am not old enough for wrinkles yet, but the lines in my forehead and beside my eyes are all but invisible now.

Natural skincare products have changed the way I think about organic products. The antioxidants in the skin creams have made my face so much healthier that it ever was. The amazing changes in my skin have even made me consider going more organic in my diet as well.

It is somewhat surprising that a simple skin care product can change the way you see yourself, but it really can happen. For someone who has always had problem skin, being able to look in the mirror and see a smooth, healthy complexion staring back at me has made a huge difference in my self esteem. Sometimes I even feel that it changes the way people see me when they first meet me.

I owe a lot to natural skincare products. Not only have they changed my appearance, but they have changed my health and well being. In doing those things, I do not think it is a stretch at all to say that these same products I once loved to make fun of have also changed my life.


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